Minecraft: Story Mode

Minecraft: Story Mode 1.0

Another good game from Telltale that puts the world of Minecraft to good use
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Minecraft Story Mode is yet another episodic release from Telltale, and this time it's an adaptation of a game that previously seemed unfit for any kind of story-driven experience.
The original Minecraft was a Java-based game that placed you into a randomly generated world consisting of primitive cubic blocks. You could move around and build various constructions from said blocks. There were no missions of tasks, only free exploration and a variety of activities like fighting mobs and building entire cities.

Story mode is the game that gave Minecraft an actual plot. In it, one of the inhabitants of the blocky world, who turns out to have a name and a life, encounters a mystery that leads him and his square-headed friends on an epic journey. The story is traditionally well-written and intriguing, and Telltale once again lets you make choices that shape outcomes and reactions of the world to your journey as it unfolds. Unfortunately, the weight of these choices is traditionally light, since they don't actually lead to dramatic changes in the outcome of the story.

Telltale has a reputation for making interactive movies instead of quests, and this game is no exception. You will spend more time following the plot and the cutscenes than solving puzzles or exploring new areas. But there's still some elements of actual gameplay present, creating a tolerable level of interactivity.

All in all, there isn't much to say about Story Mode that this: it's another good game from Telltale, and it puts the world of Minecraft to good use.

James Lynch
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Review summary


  • Interesting style
  • Good story


  • Visuals may be questionably stylized to some
  • Not very heavy on the "quest" part of the game
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